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Professional Opticians was opened in 1954 by Raymond Turrell jr on Meridian street in downtown New London. Later the practice was moved to the New London shopping center in 1977 where is stayed until 1999, finding a new home in Waterford at the plaza on Clark Lane. Finally, in 2009, we relocated to the beautiful new office where we now are located, in an adjacent building in the same plaza on Clark Lane in Waterford. In 2012 Professional Opticians was sold to Dr. Mary Beaulieu and is now called Professional Eyecare. Stop by the new office and see our beautiful additions! 






At Professional Eyecare, we pride ourselves in offering a dynamic team of professionals for all aspects of eye care, including primary care, ocular disease, and fashionable and protective ophthalmic eye wear. We are committed to providing patients with state-of-the-art comprehensive eye examinations and have invested in the very best of the latest technological advances to ensure optimal ability to manage our community's eyes. We offer many services including providing precise vision correction, LASIK evaluations, diagnosis and treatment of advanced eye diseases, as well as custom contact lens fittings and low vision evaluations. 


Our doctors are residency trained in advanced ocular disease and low vision, and with a combined total of 50 years of complicated contact lens fitting we are capable and well-equipped to manage the full spectrum of optometric needs. Our doctors also understand the importance of quality time with their patients as a crucial part of the examination experience. 


Our opticians are fully licensed and highly skilled in everything related to ophthalmic materials. They personally try each new progressive lens option available before offering it to customers, which is of incredible value both in troubleshooting adaptation difficulties as well as making them unrivaled in their ability to select a type of lens which is specifically suited to match the unique demands of each lifestyle. 


We also have a ophthalmic finishing lab on premises allowing quick turnaround as well as helping to ensure greater quality control on our products.  

“The staff here is wonderful, they made the process of being fit with contact lenses painless and fun!"

-Lindsay W.

“The staff here is always willing to go the extra mile."

-Chris R.

“Excellent selection of frames and very knowledgeable staff make this place a winning combination."

-Soloman G.

"Most thorough eye exam I've ever had, can't recommend this office enough!"

-Dave K.









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Optical Coherence Tomographe



The iWellness screening program gives us the ability to identify retinal ganglion cell loss. Because of the natural process of ganglion cell death prior to the loss of retinal nerve fibers, GCC analysis may offer the opportunity to detect early signs of ganglion cell death associated with glaucoma, retina or neurological diseases.

It is also used to analyze the layers of the macula to screen for age related macular degeneration, or various other retinal dystrophies that can affect vision.

Optomap Retinal Camera



Diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal tears or detachments, and other health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes can be seen with a thorough examination of the retina.

To help detect these eye conditions, we now offer optomap® retinal screening to all of our patients.  This non-invasive procedure allows your doctor to see a much broader and more detailed view of the retina than is possible with conventional methods.  When reviewed, the scan becomes a permanent part of your medical file, enabling your doctor to make important comparisons should potential vision threatening conditions become evident during future examinations.  Our doctors strongly believe that the optomap® retinal exam is an important part of comprehensive vision care. 

Zeiss Visual Field Device



Automated visual field testing is an essential component for detecting and monitoring various disease processes including glaucoma, macular degeneration, multiple sclerosis, and even brain tumors and strokes. 

Frequency-doubling technology has shown the ability to reveal early defects in glaucomatous visual fields, and testing is quick, requiring as little as 30 seconds per eye. 

Santinelli Lens Edger



An in-house finishing lab gives us the ability to offer faster turnaround and ensure better quality control on our products.

Zeiss Corneal Topographer



A corneal topographer aids in the diagnosis and management of various corneal diseases and irregularities including keratoconus, epithelial basement membrane dystropy (EBMD), Fuch's dystrophy, and irregular astigmatism. It also aids in the fitting of certain types of contact lenses.

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